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Wireless Food Temperature Monitoring System

Our wireless temperature monitoring system does not require a subscription to a cloud server.

Set up your own continuous temperature monitoring, alarming and reporting system - no wiring required and at a low cost with the Hawk-Eye 800WS.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Introducing a Wireless Food Temperature Safety System that is not only affordable but also easy to install and requires no ongoing subscription costs!

Smart food business owners like to know immediately when a potentially hazardous food temperature is out of limits.

Our innovative Wireless Food Temperature Safety System helps them to maintain error free records and warns them straightaway.

See the benefits for yourself today with our easy to install system. Using wireless technology for temperature monitoring allows all businesses access to a system that would otherwise be costly.

DIY installation is quick and simple - our units are pre setup and tested in the factory ready to go!

The Hawk-Eye 800 WS is not only cost effective but also reliable.

It consists of:

  • A Gateway
  • Up to 12 Wireless Transmitters
  • Hawk-Eye 800 Software running on a desk-mounted tablet

A flexible system that can be easily expanded to suit your needs as your business grows.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

How The Wireless Food Temperature Monitoring System Works

The temperature transmitters are positioned inside the cool-rooms, fridges, offices, warehouses, freezers or next to the equipment being monitored. Temperatures are transmitted to the Gateway which connects to the USB port on the tablet.

The tablet connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and emails out reports and alarms automatically. The system can be securely accessed from any internet enabled device.

Wave Industries, or one of its’ trained distributors, can visit your site to determine your needs if necessary.

If required we have an online commissioning service available to assist you. Wave Industries also offers a low cost monthly service to convert your email alarms to SMS

Wireless Food Temperature Monitoring System

Benefits and Features Summary:

  • Up to 12 transmitters per system.
  • Transmitter Battery life of 1-2 years.
  • 10.6” full colour touchscreen display.
  • Eliminate the cost & disruption of installation with battery powered wireless transmitters.
  • HACCP Reports and Alarms via email to unlimited recipients.
  • Gateway powered by tablet.
  • Quick and easy to set up and commission.
  • Transmitters work on UHF and need no licence.
  • Optional Email to SMS service.
Wireless Food Safety Temperature Monitoring

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