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Time clock with comprehensive features

Wave Industries has added a comprehensive time clock function to the Hawk-Eye 800, enabling it to start, run and stop processes at specific times of the day. The steps can be set up to be one time or repeated daily.

The flag controlm settings summary page allows you to view which flags are in use in the Hawk-Eye 800

Flag Control Settings Summary Page

There are 8 time clock functions the outputs of which act on Flags 191 to 198 in the flag list turning them on or off at specific times. These flags can be used to control other logic set up in the Hawk-Eye 800’s on board PLC.

This page [provides a detailed view of the timing of each flag

Selected Flag Control Settings

Any process which needs to run on a timed basis can benefit from this added function.

As with all Wave Industries products, the configuration is easy and intuitive. The Hawk-Eye 800 is becoming widely known for its innovative features, reliability, robust construction and competitive pricing.

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