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The Benefits of Remote Monitoring of Refrigeration

If you store food, either frozen or cold, some of your most important considerations are

  • Making sure your food temperatures are maintained at all times.
  • Maintaining your refrigeration equipment reliability
  • Ensuring refrigerant gas safety and preventing gas leaks
  • Optimising your refrigeration plant energy efficiency.

Hawk-Eye 8stalled in plant

You may have your own on-site maintenance employees or you may have a service agreement with refrigeration contractors.  In either case the ability to view, analyse and control what is happening with your refrigeration plant and your food products in real time is critical to your bottom line. Product losses, plant breakdowns, gas leaks and energy inefficiency will severely impact on profitability.

The ability to remotely monitor your cool rooms, freezers, the products contained therein and the associated refrigeration equipment, will inevitably result in improved efficiency and lower running costs. The Hawk-Eye 800 was developed to provide not only the ability to view the real time plant data locally or remotely, but also to control the plant if desired. Its remote access capability really makes it possible to securely monitor and control the plant from anywhere just as though you were on site. Examples of remote control or adjustment would be: change a set-point, increase a time delay, update user information, manually control a valve or pump

 Key Remote Monitoring Benefits after Installing the Hawk-Eye 800

Both the end user and the maintenance team will measurably benefit from the remote capabilities of the Hawk-Eye 800 once installed. Its user friendly layout, intuitive operation, easy to read dashboard, real time trending, intelligent messaging and scheduled reporting all combine to provide a cost effective yet comprehensive solution that takes remote monitoring and controlling to a new level.

Benefits for the end user.

User is able to log into Hawk-Eye 800 remotely and view what is on screen, make changes and operate the unit as though they are on site

User logged in remotely from office

  • Up to date real time information.
  • Alarms emails automatically sent when there is a problem.
  • Reports sent automatically by email according to schedules.
  • Maintenance team and end user see the same user-friendly information
  • End user can also see the plant data from anywhere in the world on their mobile phone, tablet or pc.
  • End user can make adjustments to the plant remotely.

Benefits for the Maintenance Contractor.

  • Immediate notification of alarms by email (or sms using email to sms service)
  • Remote login allows the contractor to analyse the situation with the same information as though he were on site.
  • The maintenance contractor can now prioritise his work based upon logging in to the various sites where he has had notification of alarms
  • The maintenance contractor can plan to service equipment as soon as he sees some change in performance, well before there is a breakdown.
  • Plant emergency call-outs to see what is happening on site are virtually eliminated with the ability to view the information remotely
  • The contractor experiences less time wastage and this leads to increased earnings and profitability per employee

The Hawk-Eye 800 should be installed by a trained and authorised contractor. These contractors are listed on the Wave Industries website

For more information on the Hawk-Eye 800 contact Wave Industries either through the website or by phone:

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