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Food Temperature Safety Probe

Most organisations involved in the food business operate under a HACCP system. HACCP means Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. There are documented procedures that require these organisations to temperature test PHF’s (potentially hazardous foods) or perishable foods when:

  • Receiving products, foods and meals
  • Processing products and preparing foods and meals
  • Cooking and baking products and foods
  • Cooling foods (following temperature and time requirements) after cooking.
  • Reheating food
  • Serving food
  • Dispatching foods and meals

Foods that remain in the danger zone (between 5 oC and 60 oC for too long must be discarded.

A 4 hour total time in this temperature zone is allowed, but organisations can follow stricter timing if they are concerned.

Currently, the Food Tester uses a handheld digital thermometer and records the results on a piece of paper. These results then are transcribed to a file or the paper record is filed. This process is labour intensive (costing thousands of dollars a year) and prone to error.

Managers of organisations where there is a HACCP program in place are rightly concerned because they can be personally liable if someone becomes ill or dies after consuming foods which have not been handled in accordance with the procedures. They know that if the Food Tester is under time pressure or forgetful, human nature dictates that he or she will be inclined to fabricate results to avoid repercussions, making the whole process invalid and unreliable

Wave Industries has developed the SFT2020 to address these potentially serious problems using the latest in electronic technology. It is a rugged, handheld, calibrated temperature measuring instrument which addresses the above issue when testing foods by:

  • Removing the human error element by eliminating all handwritten or typed measurement records.
  • Digitally recording the food name, temperature, date/time, any corrective action taken and tester’s name.
  • Transferring the records by Bluetooth to a local PC or tablet running our Windows based SFT software.
  • Converting the records to digital reports in a format that can be opened in Excel. These reports are stored in the local device and delivered to any number of stakeholders by email.


Food Temperature Probe

Features and Benefits:

  • This Safe Food Temperature Probe SFT2020 not only records the temperature of the product being tested but also the product’s name, the date and time of testing and the Food Tester’s name.
  • The SFT2020 also has pass/fail temperatures stored against each food.
  • The Food Tester must select the follow-up action if a food fails to meet the temperature criteria. The instrument will not allow further testing until the action is selected and confirmed.
  • Up to 30 menus each with 10 items can be downloaded to the SFT2020 to act as templates for the tests.
  • The menus can be added, removed and updated as often as required.
  • The temperature records cannot be altered manually.
  • The SFT2020 communicates via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) with a local PC or tablet running Windows.
  • The PC or tablet uses SFT software which can be downloaded free from the Wave Industries website.
  • The SFT2020’s has an internal battery powered real time clock that can be set from the local device
  •  Many SFT2020’s can be used with the system across any number of facilities.
  • The SFT2020 runs on 4 AA batteries which will run it for around 300 hours. In typical use the batteries will last about 6-12 months.
  • The SFT2020 comes calibrated with a traceable calibration certificate. Wave Industries offers an annual calibration service for units in the field.
  • The SFT2020 can improve the efficiency of the temperature checking and recording process reducing the cost of labour.

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