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Refrigeration Monitoring, Reporting And Alarm System

Wave Industries Announces The New Version Hawk-Eye 800 MRA

The Hawk-Eye 800, an Australian designed and manufactured refrigeration monitoring, alarming, control and reporting system, is becoming increasingly popular with both Refrigeration Contractors and their Customers.

In response to requests for “a refrigeration monitoring, reporting and alarm only version”, we are delighted to announce the release of the Hawk-Eye 800 MRA.

This leading-edge product is now available for all Refrigeration Contractors at a breakthrough price of A$995 (net ex GST)

Full Package

Includes a UPS plus 8 temperature probes - this complete package provides everything required for most commercial refrigeration monitoring requirements. Full package price is only A$1390 (net ex GST)

  • Hawk-Eye 800 MRA
  • 8 probes to monitor 8 temperatures
  • UPS in case of power failure

Refrigeration Monitoring System Offer

paperless chart recorder and data logger

Increase your profit by selling, installing and then using this system to monitor your customers' sites!

Introductory Offer: Place an order for the New Hawk-Eye 800 MRA before December 15th 2017 and receive 8 temperature probes valued at $160 FREE!

ARMA members, take advantage of your special pricing on the Hawk-Eye 800 range of products & accessories.

paperless chart recorder and data logger

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