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Intelligent Messaging – A New Feature of the Hawk-Eye 800

The Hawk Eye 800 is due to be released early in 2016.  Here is a link to the video introducing this ground-breaking new product.

Our meaningful alarm and email messages have now been taken one stage further with the introduction of Intelligent Messages in the Hawk-Eye 800. These messages are constructed using an unrestricted number of templates and include the names of the relevant variables in the message. You can mix plain text with variable names. Just click on the required variables in sequence and add in plain text as required. Some examples of Alarm Variable names:

  • Channel name
  • Alarm type
  • Alarm mode
  • Set point
  • Dead band
  • Time delay etc.

Once the template is to your liking, just save it with a new name and you are ready to deploy it in the alarm message boxes. Normally you would set up at least two templates, one for alarm trips and one for alarm resets. No need to type 48 different alarm messages and if any variable is changes, the next message that uses that variable will reflect that change


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