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Food Temperature Safety

If your organisation receives, produces, stores, delivers or serves food and you use HACCP to monitor and control your food safety procedures and processes then you have come to the right place to learn more about Food Temperature Safety.

Wave Industries provides solutions for continuous monitoring and control of temperatures and other process variables as well as instant checking and recording of food temperatures

Hawk-Eye 800

The Hawk-Eye 800 continuously monitors, alarms and reports on 8 analogue inputs and 3 digital inputs. With its 10.6″ touchscreen, intuitive software, comprehensive reporting system and Wifi connection it provides a complete package at a very affordable price.

Once the Hawk-Eye 800 is installed you will start to see financial benefits as well as improved records:paperless chart recorder and data logger

  • Labour savings of at least $3000 per year.
  • Error free records.
  • Automatic reports daily by email to all stakeholders.
  • Automatic alarms by email or SMS to those that need to know.
  • Potential elimination of future food loss claims.
  • Energy reduction by running your refrigeration at the optimal temperatures.
  • Maintenance reduction by avoiding the refrigeration equipment from being overworked.
  • Food safety audits will become less stressful and smoother because the food safety inspectors will see your records are up to date and error free.

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Wave Industries’ new SFT2020 will change the way you generate your HACCP records and will, at the same time, improve yourFood Temperature Safety Probe

food handling procedures, vastly reducing the chances of your foods  becoming contaminated.

Once you start using the SFT2020, you will realise these benefits:

  • No transcription errors
  • Corrective actions must be carried out when temperatures are out of range.
  • Labour cost should be reduced since there are no written records to be filed.
  • Accurate digital records to counter claims in cases of litigation.
  • Food handling and processing will be done to a higher standard as the SFT2020 imposes discipline in temperature measurement.
  • Potential to reduce insurance costs.
  • Audits are less stressful and quicker.

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