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Food Safety Temperature Control And HACCP Records

Food SafetyFood Safety Temperature ControlAn organization that handles, prepares or serves food must have a HACCP plan in place and is subject to regular inspections from the local Food Authority.

Temperature is one of the most important parameters to control. Bacteria grow rapidly when food is in the “Danger Zone” as shown on the Temperature Zone chart.

Food Temperature Checks

Currently food temperature checks have to be carried out at least twice daily.

Food safety recordsThis method is, however, fraught with dangers as explained below:

Paper records of temperature take time to record and keep correct. They are subject to human error and the temptation to modify them to suit or to cover mistakes that may have been made.

Auditors have even discovered food outlets where the temperature charts have been filled in for days ahead.

Sooner or later, recording errors and/or the negligent behavior of staff will create a potential or actual food poisoning issue. In these days of rapid communication over the social media, such a public incident can result in loss of reputation and irreparable harm to the business.

Wave Industries provides food temperature monitoring and recording equipment that can:

  • Warn those who need to know of food temperature issues before the damage occurs
  • Demonstrate to your local Food Authority and your customers alike of your due diligence and concern to maintain the highest standards

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