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Automated Email Notification of Alarms

Automated Email Notification of Alarms

The Hawk-Eye 800 is a web-enabled paperless chart recorder and multi loop controller with a suite of new features designed to deliver critical plant information to the owner and associated maintenance crew in easy to read format. For a quick overview of the features and benefits of the Hawk-Eye 800 see the video here.

With its 8 analogue inputs, 4 derived inputs, 4 digital inputs, 2 analogue outputs and 8 relay outputs, the Hawk-Eye 800 has enough I/O to cope with most small to medium processes in a single unit.

The 8 analogue inputs and 4 derived inputs each have 2 fully configurable alarms which can be individually set to trigger on increasing measurements (high alarm) or decreasing signals (low alarm).

When an alarm is triggered or reset, an email message corresponding to that event can be automatically sent to any number of recipients.

smartphone receiving message from Hawk-Eye 800 paperless chart recorder with automated email messaging of alarms

There are 24 alarm points (8 inputs and 4 derived inputs each with two alarms) so in total there are 48 different messages to be sent corresponding to the set and reset events of the 24 alarm points.

That’s a lot of typing to create meaningful messages that include the relevant alarm parameters so a recipient would know some details about the alarm event. What sort of details? Well let’s list them:

  • The name of the input
  • The number of the alarm
  • The type of alarm (auto or manual acknowledge)
  • The alarm mode (High or Low)
  • The alarm set point
  • The time the alarm must be continuously present before it will trigger (time delay)
  • The alarm dead-band
  • The alarm reset point
  • The engineering units.

If some of these parameters are included in the message, then it is far easier to construct all the messages using a message template that picks up the parameter values and includes them in the message with other text:

An example of a trip message: “ABC Food company Meat Freezer1  Alarm 1 High Alarm has tripped at -10.0  oC after 10 minutes

An example of a reset message “ABC Food company Meat Freezer1  Alarm 1 High Alarm has reset at -12.0  oC”


Mail template construction is easy using your finger to point to the parameters to be added into the message. Simply save the template under a new file name and then add it to any alarms to include the messaging function.

So with the Hawk-Eye 800 you just need to create a message template by clicking the parameters you want to include in the message and adding any extra text you like. Then when you set up the alarm messaging, you just select which template to use to send the message and literally no more typing is needed. The added bonus is that if a parameter changes, the change is reflected in all future messages sent.

For more details on the Hawk-Eye 800 and its intelligent automated alarm messaging system call us on +61 2 9153 5088 or email us at